FUTOMAKI- alga done half cut into 6 pieces

Futomaki – the name derives from an adjective “futoi”,
that means: thick, fat; these are thick rolls with four ingredients at least.

SAKE ROLL – with salmon
cucumber, turnip greens, kanpyo, lettuce, cheese
20 zł nigiri
MAGURO ROLL – with tuna
turnips, kampio, lettuce, chives-leek, cheese
24 zł nigiri
IBODAI ROLL – of butterfish
cucumber, pickles, leeks, cheese, lettuce
20 zł nigiri
UNAGI ROLL – with eel
omelette, kampio, avocado, lettuce, cheese
24 zł nigiri
VEGAN ROLL – vegetarian
cucumber, turnip, lettuce kampio, cheese
19 zł nigiri
EBI ROLL – with shrimp
avocados, turnips, lettuce, chives, cream cheese
22  nigiri
KANIKAMA ROLL – of surimi
cucumber, turnip greens, shitake mushroom, lettuce, mayonnaise
20 zł nigiri